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Removing algae is not easy, you need a proper alendoder. We have developed a concentrated biocidal product that has a low response time of at least 4 hours. At a low concentration of 1 to 1000, he also serves as a highly effective disinfectant, which will prevent bacteria and / or spores that cause algae and moss growth.
There are many kinds of algae. One feature is all in common: they live in watery conditions and multiply rapidly.
The number of algae cells increases exponentially: one cell divides into two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, and so on. In this way, they will colonize the whole grassland in no time. In a very short period of time, a slim biofilm is formed on the artificial turf, making the fields smooth and dirty and the risk of injury increases.
Algen Control BV has developed the best algae dough on the current market algae fighter market.

Alg and moss formation on sports fields are not certain phenomena lately. With the algendoder Bio-Guard, algae can be perfectly combated. Generally, on light-colored substrates, algae manifest themselves very clearly and good algae control is highly desirable.

Algae versus mosses
Important is to distinguish between algae and mosses. Algae grow on everything that is superficially moisture and only requires a trace amount of nutrition for growth (mostly from contamination surface)
However, growth in the material, just below the surface, is one of the possibilities. Algae exhibit remarkable diversity in shape, size and color and occur in virtually any environment. Reproduction of algae occurs via cell division, typically for single-celled cells. Algae present in water and soil come into the air by atomization and dust, which causes the wind to spread. Algae do not break down and therefore only constitute an aesthetic problem.
Mosses, on the other hand, need porous, continuous moist substrate that can deliver minerals.

Algen Control products

Our products provide perfect gaming conditions at every level.
Algen Control BV is the largest supplier for algae control on artificial grass playgrounds for football, hockey, tennis, American football, rugby and other sporting applications.
Algen Control BV has over 25 years of experience in the agricultural world in the field of algae dodders and biocides. Algen Control BV’s algae decoders provide a consistent good playable plastic sports field.
The Algendoders have been developed with the leading manufacturers and laboratories in the field of bacteria and biocides in the world.
Together with universities, suppliers and professional organizations that share our love for sport, we work on ever-better playable sports fields with the right algae contraceptives.
All our products are manufactured in-house according to strict standards. In addition, we advise our customers about what is the most suitable product for them and support the entire process.
For checking and maintenance we work closely with certified payroll workers who have been specially selected because they deliver an excellent product at a competitive price.