Water-based Artifical turf field


The cleaning of a polluted  water- based artificial turf field consists of 2 parts

– Shock treatment of the sport  field

– Vacuum cleaning of the sport field

Shock treatment

The day prior to the vacuum cleaning of the field we carry a “shock treatment” with CentiAlgeaBac. The field is sprayed with a relatively high concentration of the Biocide.This done the evening prior to the vacuum cleaning. The biocide medicine will loosened all the algae from the fiber of the mat during the night.

Vacuum cleaning of the sports turf

The day after the shock treatment the cleanup will  following where the sport field is vacuumed with our specially designed vacuum suction machine (hoover vacuum). In addition, the field is brushed and the edges of the field are  cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner, and also the advertising boards will be cleaned.

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep a sport field clean throughout the year,  a weekly disinfection is needed with a low concentration of the biocide Bio-guard. This will prevent the growing of algae and other organic contaminants during the year.

For this purpose a dosing pump is needed, and a raining computer need to be placed. Which operates independently of the normal irrigation system of the water-field. This system ensures that the weekly dose occurs and happens exactly. This will takes place fully automatic at night, so daytime they can make use of the sport field as normal.

Given alongside algae and organic pollution, the field also gets dirty with dust and sand walk, we recommend  to clean a sport field annual 1 time a year with the vacuum hoover. A shock treatment is not necessary because the dirt is still loss by the weekly disinfection. This, means you will have  a “new” situation every year.