Tile, roof and facade

Remove mosses, algae, fungi, lichens and green deposits

How often do the tiles and stones around the clubhouse in wet periods be completely green of the algae? There are some solutions for this: scrub with green soap solution or all kinds of pesticides from the store. Often this is dirty and time consuming work and the use of pesticides is not desirable. You are also trying to save nature. Therefore, a solution that is reasonably nature-friendly, is very easy to implement, as well as a scam cheap.

Overlay the tiles filled with algae with the solution from the watering can. After that you do not have to do anything again, the algae disappear automatically. If white spots are left, they can be flushed with water if the product is well-worked.

For roofs a facade is a light mist in a spout sufficient to allow the contamination to disappear automatically.

Due to his long experience with professional professionals, ALGEN CONTROL BV has developed a highly effective product against all types of mosses, algae, fungi, lichens and green deposits. Please read the label on the packaging and follow the operating instructions.