Sand based artificial turf

Sand based artificial grass fields:
When a sandy-sprung artificial grass field is brushed regularly, it will continue to play for a long time. This because there is much less moisture for algae, mosses and bacteria to develop.

Cleaning a polluted sand field:
Spray several times with a high concentration of the drug-registered drug Bio-Guard for several weeks. Since there is no artificial irrigation available, it is preferable to do this at a time when it rains regularly and abundantly. If this is not the case, we introduce a number of water sprayers to moisten it so that the contamination can be sucked off afterwards.

Then there are two cleaning methods:
If it has been raining frequently and regularly, soiling of algae etc. from the field can be soaked with the vacuum hover and then brushed.

In drought, the field is cleaned with a special machine where the sand is filtered and returned to the field.

Both solutions cost a full day work with 1 or 2 machines.