Method Algae Control

An artificial turf field requires good care. We advise you on the maintenance that you can do. In addition, we provide the other maintenance on the basis of a more years contract. We use the registered agent Bio-Guard. This agent prevents algal and moss growth and possibly attachment of the algae to the mat. With a concentrated solution, we first remove all algae from the plastic grass mat. Then the algae are sprayed with a high pressure cleaner and sucked through a vacuum cleaner. This unique method prevents damage to the artificial turf. Only during the first cleaning process, a special brush is used to remove the old, long-attached algae, if necessary. After this we advise you to use the Bio-Guard in very low dose during the period March to November 1x a week as a disinfectant. This is to prevent algae, moss and bacteria to grow and always have a clean sports field.
Preventive control of algal growth

In order to prevent growth and development of algae, water spray is sprayed once a week with a very low concentration of the Bio-Guard water spray. This can be done through the existing irrigation installation. The Bio-Guard drug naturally breaks down in the environment and therefore has no environmental impact. In addition to the normal natural growth of algae, the location of the field is also affected by algae growth. Sun and shadow have effect, but the trees that surround the field have an effect on the algae. Depending on this situation, we advise you to clean the waterfalls a number of times a year. In short, with Algen Control method

Always hockey on a clean field.
Lower chance of allergies and diseases.
Conservation of the artificial turf water field.
Prevents premature replacement of the water field.
Better watering in underlay.