Less environmentally-friendly cleaning and disinfectants,

Cleaning and disinfection

For the sports fields and in the daily used algae, mosses and bacteria killers, cleaners and disinfectants, less environmentally-friendly alternatives exist. In order to identify these agents, the biodegradability and aggressiveness of the active substances in the detergent or disinfectant must be considered. Examples of less environmentally-harmful agents are kwats (the agent Bio-Guard) and hydrogen peroxide. Kwats (quaternary ammonium compounds) are currently strong in the interest of their good algae killing and disinfecting activity. However, the old disinfectants containing the quaternary alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride are toxic and poorly degradable

The new quarries (Bio-Guard) are a big improvement because this compound is well-degradable in the environment. Although maliciously disinfecting, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Quats do not clean but kill most types of algae And can not be used in conjunction with soaps. In addition, they leave behind a soapy residue after use. Therefore, after disinfection of the fields, thoroughly rinse with water. Which happens well with the next spray field of the sports field.

Hydrogen peroxide does not break as well as the Bio-Guard chemical and it has a major disadvantage that it is not stable in surface water (spray water) and it is also sensitive to light and PH. As a result, the action to fight algae is much worse than the new products on quaternary ammonium compounds (Bio-Guard) basis. It is also found from research that only hydrogen peroxide alone can fight the blue algae.

All other types of algae do not appear or are almost not sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. Read on our home page for news: Hydrogen Peroxide?

Environment and safety

The Bio-Guard algae pollutant has been certified and registered at the College for the authorization of plant protection and biocidal products from the Dutch ministry of VROM (Ctgb). The Bio-Guard chemical itself breaks down in the environment and has no environmental impact.