Dosing unit


Dosing pump:
For dosing of the biocides we offer the following dosing pump.
– Fabric: OBL
– Type: Engine metering pump MD-75-PP
– Capacity: Maximum 60 l / h
– Exit height: Up to 10 bar (100 mwk).
– Electra 220/230 Volt
Simple and linear setting 0/100% by rotary switch
To prevent the pressure from rising too high, we provide the installation
Of a pressure adjustable overflow valve

For dosing of the biocides with regular (once a week)
We use a vending machine to be delivered by us. This makes it possible
Limit consumption of the biocidal product by self-ordering and spraying time by tap
Arrange. Optionally, we can use a present vending machine for the
In line with the installation.We can not provide any warranty or anything else
Belonging continues to work.This because several persons (installers) with this machine
Work and adjust spray times during the play season.

Suitable for two or more fields:
Often, for the second or more fields, the same system pump is used as in the first field.
Apart from adjusting the control, an extra rain machine is often not necessary.
In some cases, a separate system is pumped per field. If this is the case, the pump set must be fitted with a second metering set with open / close valve.

Suspension, connection and adjustment of the pump is included. For more than 1 hour’s drive, additional travel time will be charged.

The mentioned pump is a 220/230 volt pump we assume that there is one
Wall socket with edge earth is present. Possibly we can discuss this in consultation


You can buy it here: Dosage unit

Prices overview

Total overview

Prices overview:
Doser unit installation €. 3,720, – excluding B.T.W.
Vending machine €. 420, – excluding B.T.W.
Total €. 4.140, – excluding B.T.W.

Control second field €. 793, – excluding B.T.W.

Environment Box €. 1,678, – excluding B.T.W.

During 12 months after delivery or commissioning, the proper functioning of the installation and the validity of the materials supplied. The warranty will only apply if the resulting malfunction has not occurred after improper and / or improper use.
Warranty is only granted on the materials supplied. Assembly hours, travel and
Accommodation costs are not covered by the guarantee.

Our activities are exclusive
* Heading, digging, breaking, timber, masonry and painting.
* All supplies of materials and assembly, which are not specifically mentioned in this quotation.
* B.T.W, local taxes and insurance.
* All import / export costs.
* Transportation costs
* All assembly work with respect to what is described.

Delivery time
In consultation approximately 3 weeks after assignment.