Algen Control BV specializes in the maintenance of water turf and semi-waterturf. We have developed the registered Bio-Guard for this purpose and have special equipment to safely clean the waterfield through high pressure and vacuum cleaning.


Cleaning a (water) field requires specific knowledge.

One-time cleaning servicde for waterturf:

  1. General field control in current situation.
  2. A “shock treatment” with the Bio-Guard algae degreaser for the one-time cleaning turn.
  3. Thorough cleaning of the waterfield with special brush and suction machine.
  4. Check and delivery report (signed by both parties).

One-time cleaning service semi-water turf and sand filled turf:

  1. General field control in current situation.
  2. Spray 1x per week with Bio-Guard injector for 3 weeks to kill and / or loosen all algae and contaminants that are present in the sand.
  3. After 3 weeks, the field cleanses.
  4. After cleaning, clean sand is brushed into the mat again.
  5. Further disinfection (1x per week) low dose biocidal dose.
  6. After about 6 to 8 weeks, residues will escape loose contamination
  7. Check and delivery report (signed by both parties).


The maintenance and maintenance of the (semi) water fields requires specific knowledge, a good disinfectant and special dosing equipment. The artificial turf is vulnerable and the growth of algae is much stronger than with a sand-sprinkled plastic grass mat.

Algen Control advises to use the Bio-Guard in very low dosage 0.1% for the period March to November 1 as a disinfectant to free all algae and bacteria from your sports field.

This is done through the existing irrigation installation.

Algen Control supplies a fully automatic metering pump and control mechanism that is made suitable for any irrigation system and care ensures a safe and correct dosage of the Bio-Guard agent on the field. This happens at night.

To get rid of the organic and other pollutants that occur during the year, we recommend a water field an annual maintenance service with vacuum cleaner and a semi-water field once every two years with maintenance of the vacuum cleaner.

Algen Control method

  • Inspection and determination of the state of the field.
  • Analysis of the work.
  • Compilation and signing of the maintenance agreement.
  • Treatment of the field.
  • Verification of field completion after cleaning.
  • Delivery registered biocidal product Bio-Guard.
  • Explanation procedure dosing.
  • Regular control of use and effect of the drug Bio-Guard.
  • Schedule of annual cleaning.