[Section] Advantages

  • No algae grows on fields.
  • Conservation of the artificial turf water field and athletics track.
  • Prevents premature replacement of the waterfield and athletics track.
  • Depreciation of the mat in several years
  • No unexpected expensive cleaning
  • Always work on a clean field or athletics track.
  • Analysis of the water of irrigation in hockey fields
  • Well-functioning biocidal CentiAlgenBac that breaks down algae
  • Proper weekly dosage of the drug on artificial grass fields
  • Specially developed vacuum cleaner that removes the algae residues and other organic dirt.
  • 1 or more cleaning of fields or jobs.
  • Lower chance of allergies and diseases.
  • No damage to existing pump installation.
  • No dirty sportswear
  • Less injuries
  • Less chance of inflammation in abrasions
[/ Section]